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9 Alimentos que aumentan el placer en la cama

Es cierto que existen alimentos que incrementan el deseo, contribuyendo a que las relaciones sexuales sean más frecuentes y placenteras. Mucho se ha dicho de los llamados afrodisíacos, pero podrías estar pasando por alto algunos mágicos ingredientes que la naturaleza te regala para disfrutar.

Compártelos con tu pareja y siéntete como una reina bajo las sábanas. ¡Toma nota de esta lista! 

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6 Things his testicles want you to know


Are you juggler my friend? We'll see about that. We have reached the point in our conversation where we are going to talk about his testicles. Most women tend to ignore them in foreplay and during sex because they don't know how to treat them or what to do with them. Yes, they are very sensitive, but that doesn't mean they are off limits. Keep reading, girl, because I'm going to tell you how to handle them with care while giving him pleasure.

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What kind of lover are you? (QUIZ)


Shakira was soooo right! When it comes to making love, our hips (along with our lips and various other body parts) don't lie. Believe it or not, how and where and how often you do the do says a lot about what kind of person you are inside and outside of the sack.

Yearning to find out what kind of lover you are? Take this quiz to find out, and don't forget to share the love! xo

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Una mujer se subasta a sí misma para encontrar el amor


O no estoy de muy buen humor o simplemente la pretenciosa audacia de algunas mujeres me pone de mal humor. Una mujer de 49 años se fue a vacacionar a Grecia, se enamoró de los Adonis de ese país y decidió buscarse marido. ¿Sabes cómo decidió encontrar al griego de sus sueños? Subastándose a sí misma en eBay para ver si por ahí salía algún valiente que la quisiera comprar. ¡comprar! Lo que logró era de esperarse y como quedó es el merecido a una tonta decisión. Al menos, así lo pienso yo.

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8 Ways to become better in bed & improve your relationship


Listen, you don't need to be pro at Kama Sutra or have a stripper pole in your room to be good in bed. Most men just want you to be present, open, honest and of course--have fun! After all, isn't that the whole point? Trust me, being ridiculously good in bed is actually a lot easier than you'd think. But if you want to be the BEST sex he's ever had, it's time you take things up a notch girl!

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5 Consejos para hacer el amor cuando él está muy bien dotado


Por ahí dicen que entre más grande mejor y estoy completamente de acuerdo, pero no es indispensable. Uno puede disfrutar del sexo de la misma forma con un pene grande que con uno no tan grande. Nuestras vaginas están diseñadas para acomodar el pene de nuestra pareja después de que estemos bien emocionadas y lubricadas. Hay mujeres que tienen problemas con los miembros mayores y no tiene nada que ver con el tamaño. Tranquila, que en este artículo te voy a decir qué es lo que tienes que hacer para que disfrutes de uno grande.

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6 Myths about oral sex decoded

For every man oral sex is synonym of heaven. The bliss they experience when they are laying on their backs is celestial. For some women, giving oral sex is empowering. They love to have complete control over him using two weapons: her hand and her mouth. Oral sex should be fun and exciting because, if you are enjoying it, he will too. There are some myths regarding oral sex and we are going to decode them for you.

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10 Signs you're with a machista

machista PHOTOS

Real men aren't machistas, but most machistas believe they're the epitome of what a real man should be. Go figure. Now, if only machistas would keep their "I'm the man" attitude to themselves, we'd all be alright. But for the most part, they don't. Machistas often feel the need to prove that the king of the world by putting others down, eliminating competition, and being controlling a-holes--especially when it comes to the women in their lives.

Seriously, it's the worst. 

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8 Gross things about sex we don't talk about

Sex is one of the greatest things on this planet. It is up there with chocolate and ice cream, but unlike all of the passionate on-screen depictions of sex, it can also have its non-sexy moments. Here are eight really gross and nasty things about sex that no one likes to talk about ...

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9 Surprising facts about men with micropenises

Talk about micro-penises is on the rise! For those of you who don't know what a micro-penis is, let me fill you in on the deets. Micropenis is a term for a penis that measures approximately 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) "when stretched while flaccid," according to BuzzFeed. In other words, the average micropenis probably measures as long as the tip of your pinky finger. Wow! I…what…how?

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