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5 of the funniest ways people have covered up their exes' tattoos


After a breakup you try to cleanse your home of anything that might remind you of your ex. Whether it's amicable or not, once the relationship is over, one of the first steps to move on is to get rid of things that remind you of him. This becomes an issue if, oh, say one drunken night you thought it would be a good idea to get your ex's name tattooed on your body

That might be difficult to hide, and they are even expensive to get rid of. However some people got creative with these tattoos, that you just have to see it to believe it!

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Valentine's Day

Get back at your ex this Valentine's Day with voodoo dolls


Valentine's Day is next week and although some of us ladies have significant others, there are others who have unfortunately been dumped. If you are one of the latter, then you're going to love this idea a London shop came up with for scorned lovers. The store called Last Tuesday Society, is offering the choice to make custom-made voodoo dolls of your ex.

HA! Talk about the ultimate revenge!

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7 ways to tell what type of lover he is before you jump into bed


Whether you've been with your man for many years or just started seeing a new guy, what he's like OUTSIDE of the bedroom will tell you a lot about what he will be like between the sheets. You know what they say, seduction comes in many forms and the best way to see if you're compatible is by watching him during everyday life.

From the way he eats his meals, to his mannerisms, and smooches, you can learn A LOT from those few things. You just have to watch him…in a not-so creepy way of course. We've come up with a list of seven things you should look out for to determine your man's sexual style.

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"Leftover women" label of those of us not married by 30 is upsetting & sadly very Latino

If there's one thing old school Chinese and Latinos seem to have in common is that they both strongly believe every woman should be married by 30. The Chinese communist government has recently caused an outcry among their female population by labeling single, unwed females aged 27 to 30 "leftover women." Are you kidding me?

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8 Ways to tell if your man will ever cheat

If there's one thing many women will tell you is a deal breaker when it comes to a relationship, it's cheating. But what if you could spare yourself the heartache and time by finding out if your significant other is going to be a cheater beforehand? A recent study says that women are able to tell if a man is a cheater simply by looking at him!

So, what does a cheater look like? Read on to find out what characteristics you have to look out for while seeking Mr. Right…

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It turns out men and women are more alike than you think!

If you find yourself saying sexist comments such as, "All guys want is sex," toss out that old mentality because new research shows this is false. A study conducted on men and women has shown that certain gender biased characteristics, such as assertiveness, cannot be determined by someone's sex.

This was further proven in another singles' survey which asked men and women what they looked for in a partner. And results shows they value the same things when looking for a mate. Shocker? I think not…

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Millionaire's Christmas wish for a Latina girlfriend gets whopping 15,000 replies! (VIDEO)

I honestly can't believe how many women are desperate enough for a man that they would answer a random billboard from one looking for love specifically with a Latina girlfriend. 

When millionaire Marc Paskin, who appeared on ABC's reality show Secret Millionaire, put up a billboard in a predominantly Latino area of San Diego writing that "All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend", along with his email, he never expected the international attention and thousands of emails from women seeking love.

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New dissolving condom promises to provide discreet protection against pregnancy & HIV

What if there was a way to use condoms that would not only better prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but would also dissolve after a couple of days?

Now, a dissolving condom sounds a bit weird and maybe even kind of contradictory but it's actually quite a brilliant idea. Basically, there's a technology called "electrospinning" that researchers are saying could be used to manufacture pretty much the strongest female condom ever. So, hey, we ladies will finally have FULL control over what happens in the bedroom!

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Un despecho puede romperte el corazón de verdad

No hay nada más doloroso que un corazón roto. Ese dolor que una mujer siente cuando su marido la deja o simplemente cuando el "amor de su vida" la deja de querer, es intenso. Suena cursi pero es la verdad, y la que no lo acepte está mintiendo o quizás nunca le hayan roto el corazón.

Me acabo de enterar de que un despecho o mal de amores, como lo quieras llamar, literalmente puede partirte el corazón. Así es que, además de lidiar con el dolor que nos causa un mal hombre, podemos acabar en el hospital. 

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Honeymoon killers should be fined

Last Sunday while reading the Times, I learned about the new "Buddymoon" trend, and I must say I find this idea hideous and terrible!

The honeymoon marks the beginning of your new life, with all the romance and bliss---incessant sex and love filled sleepless nights. Why would you taking your friend on your honeymoon?

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