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5 Things you didn't know about penises


Men put so much emphasis on the size of their penis that it's no surprise that we no longer know what is considered "big" anymore. To them the size of their member coincides with confidence and sends a survival of the fittest message to other men out there.

However, guys who are insecure about their size will be happy to know that it turns out they all mostly share the same size (five to seven inches). They are also BIGGER than that of a chimpanzee's and other apes!

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Insecure men blaming women who earn more for erection problems make me SO angry!

Want to hear the craziest, most misogynistic news of the year? A new study has found that the "disruption of traditional social norms" can lead some men to have erectile dysfunction. That's right, ladies. If you just happen to be earning more money than your hubby, then it might mean that he can't get it up. Um, seriously?! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, guys. Are they seriously letting something as silly as who earns more money direct whether their penis can rise to the occasion or not?

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Tener la cintura delgada hará que goces más en la cama

 Señoras y señoritas, está comprobado: no sólo a los hombres les resulta más atractiva una mujer con una cinturita, es que además los señores tienden a tener una mejor actuación en la cama cuando su compañera tiene una cintura, digamos, delgada. Así que ya no tenemos excusa y sí una tremenda razón para decirle adiós a la panza.

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Mami confessions: Would you leave your husband if he was impotent?

Although the title of the post of one of our group members Confessions could be taken as a joke, the truth is that impotence can cause many problems for a couple. According to the woman who left the anonymous comment, the issue of her husband's impotence is caused by a disease he's been dealing with for three years. She says he has been treated by a doctor, but nothing works and she no longer know what to do about it.

I imagine this issue must be very difficult not only for her, but also for her husband who probably feels insecure, which I'm sure doesn't help much.

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