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10 Signs he's being a cheating descarado


Not to make you all paranoid about your relationship because you certainly don't need that, but if you aren't the jealous type and find yourself feeling like something just isn't right in your relationship, then it probably isn't. You might want to take a gander at these signs that he may be cheating on you. One sign alone may not mean anything, but multiple issues should not be ignored. 

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Woman exposes cheating boyfriend with best gift EVER


A woman simply known as "Cassy" on Twitter decided she'd give her cheating boyfriend a Christmas gift he won't soon forget. Upon finding out her novio had been cheating on her with a woman he met online, Cassy printed out screen shots of all their flirtatious Twitter exchanges, packed them neatly into a pretty little gift box, then presented them to her beloved on Christmas Day. Though the gift cost her nothing, the look on her boyfriend's face when he opened the box was priceless. You have got to see it for yourself.

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8 Signs your man is a cheater

Liars and cheaters ... They look at you straight in your face and sleep in your bed and the whole time they're being sneaky. Sometimes it takes you a while to unmask them. Some people say that is faster to catch a liar than a thief, but I believe it's not that easy. We are usually in denial and our feelings are invested. Prevention is the key my friends; read the sings you so can stop a cheater in his tracks before it's too late.

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Woman catches husband cheating with her twin sister, reacts in best way possible


And the award for best post-cheating vengeance goes to Ting Su, a woman in china who exacted the most perfect revenge in recent history. Earlier this week, Su caught her husband having an affair with some woman in a mall parking lot, which is bad enough as it is. But believe me when I tell you this story gets way, way worse. It turns out the Su's husband had been cheating with--wait for it--her twin sister. Oh, my gosh. Can you imagine? I would have died. But not Su. She held her own, and eventually got the last laugh.

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Woman signs boyfriend's penis so he won't cheat


Okay, amiga, let's get real honest up in here! Tell me how far would you go to make sure that your man is not cheating on you when he goes out on his own? Would you simply take it for granted that you are together and he will respect your relationship, would you spy on him or would you go as far as writing on his penis to claim it as your own? Yup, you read that last part right. I'm asking if you would tag your man's ding-a-ling with your name! Why? Because that's exactly what this loca who went on the Steve Harvey Show has been doing to her boyfriend for the last four years and she needed to ask professionals if signing her man's penis is weird. You are not going to believe this nonsense and the responses she got are hilarious and on point!

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Having sex with 20 or more women lowers risk of prostate cancer


A new study out of Canada is giving new meaning to the term "sexual healing." Researchers in Montreal found men who've had more than 20 sexual partners had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who, shall we say, indulged in DIY home remedies (aka masturbation). Hmmm, sounds to me like an excuse for men to rack up more sexual partners. However, researchers insist that it's not. It's science, they say. It'll help men's health, they promise. Uh-huh, suuuuurrre.

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Married woman caught cheating by husband's bf who posts the evidence on Youtube


This is officially the worst way to get caught cheating and be put on blast. A viral video surfaced, which shows a married woman flirting and being affectionate with a man who isn't her husband. She was doing her esposo dirty, but it was all caught on camera and exposed on YouTube! The man filming the 41 second clip is her husband's best friend, who was also the best man at their wedding. This is like Selena's "Amor Prohibido" in a whole new light. The woman's reaction is priceless.

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9 most common sex problems solved by the experts

couple PHOTOS

Sex is possibly the most intimate activity we can experience with another human being. Whether it's a fling or an expression of your love, sex is private and personal. That's why when our sex lives take dive or are MIA for any reason, we tend to take it personally. But sabes que? You really shouldn't.  

The truth is, you're not alone; tons of people have had sucky lulls in their sex lives, many of which are due to sucky lulls in their relationship. It's par for the course, and most of the time, these issues are totally reversible.


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Wife finds long-lost husband 9 years after he disappeared, but it's not a happy ending


When Karen Marx's husband vanished nine years ago, she was sure she'd seen the last of him. After all, he'd left without leaving so much as a note explaining where or why he'd gone. Karen spent years searching for her disappeared husband, hoping that if she tracked him down she could finally ask for a divorce from Adam and move on with her life. So imagine her surprise when, almost ten years later, Adam's own mother broke the news to Karen via Facebook that the sinvergüenza was living in a neighboring town… and was happily married to someone else. What the heck?

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British "relationship expert" advises women to get surgery if they don't want their men to cheat


Afraid your man is going to leave you for another woman? Then you should go out and get yourself a new… set of boobs? No, that's not my personal advice. I'm not stupid. That locura came courtesy of self-proclaimed "sex expert" Louise Van Der Velde. According to the clueless Brit, men have the right to sleep with attractive women, so you'd better shape up or accept that they're going to ship out and leave your behind for a younger model. Sigh.

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