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Miley Cyrus keeping $250K engagement ring, but Eiza Gonzalez gets to keep Liam Hemsworth

After the recent news that Miley Cyrus and ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth have officially split, you can't help but wonder ... is she going to give back the engagement ring? Well, looks like Liam made the decision easy for her and let her keep it! Although their romance fizzled out Hemsworth wanted Miley to keep the ring as a symbol of their relationship.

Ouch, I don't know about you, but that has to hurt the "Wrecking Ball" singer's feelings!

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'50 Shades of Grey': These 7 hot Latino actors would be perfect as Christian Grey


The 50 Shades of Grey's movie casting is still in the works, and with all the rumors, we don't know what to believe anymore! As far as we're concerned Alexis Bledel would be perfect as Anastasia Steele, and Christian Grey, could be played by a handful of Latino actors who would nail his character perfectly. Can't you picture a shirtless William Levy manhandling you and hypnotizing you with those eyes? We sure can!

 As casting directors struggle to choose the next Christian Grey, we thought we'd present them our list full of potentials. If they're looking for a smoldering actor with all the right moves, they should go for a Latino! Which is why, we've come up with seven of the hottest Latino actors--perfect for the role of Christian Grey.

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Are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith about to get divorced?

The rumor mill is really swirling around the 15-year marriage of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith and, well, the news is NOT good.

There have been cheating allegations flying around after Antonio was supposedly caught kissing another woman at a Cancun nightclub and although his wife originally defended it all, now Melanie is walking around Los Angeles WITHOUT her wedding ring. So, seriously, what is going on?!

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Alexa Vega's divorce just goes to show why you shouldn't get married young

Any divorce is, of course, a very sad ordeal. I hate reading about any of them, especially when it's a celebrity that I was honestly rooting for. While I wasn't all that surprised to hear that Tom and Katie split up, I am definitely shocked and saddened to hear that 23-year-old half-Colombian star Alexa Vega has filed from divorce from her husband, 36-year-old producer Sean Covel, after less than two years of marriage. My initial shock aside, though, this is EXACTLY why I definitely do not believe in getting married at a young age.

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NFL star Chad Ochocinco live tweets wedding to reality star Evelyn Lozada (PHOTOS)

Hooray for weddings! Chad Ochocinco, a.k.a. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson, has finally wed Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada in a ceremony that the NFL player actually live-tweeted.

The wedding took place during the July 4th celebration in Miami, Florida, and was filmed for the duo's upcoming VH1 reality show Ev and Ocho. That didn't stop the former Dancing with the Stars contestant from doing his own recording of the event—and all via Twitter!

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6 cute celebrity Latino couples in honor of National Kiss Day! (PHOTOS)

It's National Kiss Day--time to grab your partner and loved ones and give them a big smooch! We're celebrating the holiday by honoring a few cute Latino celebrity couples that make our little ol' hearts just melt. These couples are not only fabulous in their careers, but also in their personal lives and all their relationship sweetness just makes us "Awww" in delight! Here, 6 adorable duos featuring some of our favorite Latinas:

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5 reasons we'll miss Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz as a couple!

This has been a hard week for couples and now, there's even more sad news! After a year of sibling double dates and extravagant yacht trips, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz have officially split up.

The 36-year-old Desperate Housewives star and Cruz confirmed their breakup yesterday. The two began dating last February, about a month after Longoria divorced Tony Parker. Since then, the couple has been seen vacationing together and hanging out with Cruz's older sister, actress Penelope Cruz.

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Rihanna pide por Twitter ¡un hombre rudo! ¡Ojalá no quiera otro Chris Brown!

Al leer el mensaje que Rihanna publicó por Twitter recientemente me quedé sin palabras. Para empezar, se le ve en una pose bastante provocadora en una foto que va acompañada del siguiente mensaje: "Come here Rude Boy", que en español quiere decir "ven aquí hombre rudo". La verdad, quiero pensar que su mensaje sólo se trató de un juego de palabras que buscaban coincidir con el nombre de una de sus canciones, porque de otra manera, no me explico cómo una joven que fue víctima de violencia doméstica, quiera en su vida una vez más ¡a un hombre rudo!

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