foods increase sex driveFew things are as frustrating as getting sexy with your man and trying to take things further, but he just can't get his gears going. It's not just disappointing for you, but for him as well because it's not like he doesn't want to do the do. Well before going in for a Viagra prescription, you two should look into the virility diet.

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Yes, there are foods proven to up his libido--which will in turn translate to a better sex life. Add these to your grocey list and watch how you can both eat your way to longer erections for him and a better sex life for both of you!

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Watermelon 1


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Watermelon contains citrulline, which increases blood flow to the penis. More blood flow down there equals a harder erection.


Flavonoid rich foods 2

Flavonoid rich foods

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Foods with flavonoids like berries and dark chocolate, dilate your arteries, cleans them of free radicals, and improve blood flow. Ginger also help remove free radicals from blood vessels and strengthens circulation.


Oysters 3


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They weren't kidding when they said oysters are an aphrodisiac. The little shelled delicacies are full of zinc, which improves blood flow and increases testosterone levels.

Nutmeg 4


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Nutmeg also acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing libido and strengthening erections. This is because it contains nitric oxide, which is essential to improving erectile performance.


Olive oil 5

Olive oil

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When testosterone levels drop, things start sinking down under. Olive oil is said to increase testosterone production (and it's so much healthier than its fattier cousins).


Bananas 6


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Bananas not only look phallic, but they are actually good for his member, too. They're loaded with potassium, which relaxes blood vessel walls leading to better blood flow.


Garlic 7


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Eating garlic might not do wonders for a passionate makeup session, but you'll be thankful later on in the evening when you decide to turn up the heat. Garlic increases nitric-oxide levels and relaxes blood vessels. When those vessels get too constrained, very little will be happening between the sheets.