5 Intimacy mistakes everyone makes

sexWhile most of our resolutions for the New Year have probably already been broken, working on your relationship shouldn't be one of them. Yes, this is a time of year to start fresh and learning from our mistakes is a part of that. I'm committed to leaving behind these common intimacy mistakes we all do in the bedroom. Who is joining me?


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1. Assuming your partner will always initiate lovemaking: Sex is always easier when you don't have to worry about lighting the fire, but why should your man be left to do all the work--all of the time? Dr. Les Parrot and author off Crazy Good Sex, explains, "Most guys feel like they are always the initiator and that sets up disequilibrium on the passion scale in the relationship." Make 2015 all about finding balance in the bedroom by leading and taking control.

2. Staying quiet about your needs not being met: Life is too short to keep experiencing bad sex. While you lay there looking at the ceiling, your man might be thinking he's a beast in the sack when he's really a mouse. Speak up in a nice way and let him know what you like. Show him where you liked to be touched and what sends you through the roof. The time is now!

3. Thinking having sex a couple of times a month is okay: Having a sexless 2015 sounds pretty crappy to me. Sex expert Dr. Laura Berman advises, "The truth is that it is quite a simple equation--more sex equals more happiness and more bliss." Try to pencil in some romantic time on your calendar. This way you will find it harder to skip out on the deed or put it off for another day.

4. Feeling pressured to try something you don't want to: Being open minded in the bedroom is a good thing, but everyone has their limits. As much as you want to rock the boat in the New Year, you have to speak up about what you aren't willing to try or what you absolutely hate doing just to please him. "If your man asks you about trying something that's outside of your morals, make it clear that it's off limits for you and explain why," suggests Parrot.

5. Letting your kids block your sex life: Sometimes the kiddies have to sleep in their own bed and leave the grown-ups to play. You want to make sure you still share that closeness and special bond with your partner that only intimacy can bring. Being a great parent is a top priority, but satisfying one another sexually should also be up on the list. Don't compromise!    

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