10 Fascinating facts you never knew about erections

woman eating a bananaAmigas, let's get a little bit personal, shall we? How much do you think you know about erections? I mean other than dudes seem to get them all the time for random reasons. In the interest of science and the furthering of human knowledge I have taken it upon myself to gather some rather interesting facts about erections. Come to find out that the beast that is the male penile erection is rather fascinating. These details will make you look at the next erect penis with knowing eyes.


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1. Tubular to the max. Erections happen when two tubes running the length of the penis called corpora cavernosa become engorged with blood.

2. Three is the magic number. There are three different types of erections: ones that happen because of physical stimulation, ones that happen because of visual, auditory, olfactory or fantasy type of stimulation and nocturnal ones that happen because who the heck knows why they happen?

3. What's in a name? An erection by any other name is still an erection, but it's good to know what people are calling it. Slang terms for erection include: boner, chub, chubbie, hard on, hot beef injection, porksword, stiffy, wood and woody. 

4. Smoking makes erections smaller. WHAT?! Smoking can shorten an erection by up to one centimeter, which doesn't seem like much, but you know dudes totally care about that one centimeter. The shortening happens because smoking calcifies blood vessels and a penis needs good blood flow for optimum erection.

5. Erections are necessary for vaginal intercourse. Uh, you probably knew this already, but if a penis isn't erect it's pretty darn near impossible for it to get inside of a vagina.

6. Every which way but loose. Erections can point up, down, horizontally or straight out. They can also be straight or curved. Totally depends on the dude.

7. Happy time. The average male orgasm lasts about six seconds.

8. Gagworthy. About one out of every 400 men is flexible enough to give himself a blow job.

9. Grower versus shower. There are two kinds of penises: growers and showers (I don't think that's the technical term for them). Growers get longer when they have an erection and showers are kind of the same size all the time.

10 Masturbation can be dangerous. The biggest cause of penis fractures is over-enthusiastic masturbation. Take it easy guys!

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