8 Ways to become better in bed & improve your relationship

Couple in bedListen, you don't need to be pro at Kama Sutra or have a stripper pole in your room to be good in bed. Most men just want you to be present, open, honest and of course--have fun! After all, isn't that the whole point? Trust me, being ridiculously good in bed is actually a lot easier than you'd think. But if you want to be the BEST sex he's ever had, it's time you take things up a notch girl!


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Whenever I ask a male friend what makes a woman good in bed, the answers are always quite simple and pretty predictable, I have to say. They want you to show them that you really want to be there, they want to hear noise, they want you to tell them what you want and they want you to keep an open mind. Not too crazy, right? Need a little more guidance. Well luckily you have me for that. Here are eight things that will make you GREAT in bed and improve your relationship!

Be present: Guys just want to feel like you want to be there. Don't get distracted thinking about something else or pointing out the mess he has in his closet. Be present, be in the moment--have a good time!

Make noise: Most guys I know admit that they love when their women scream or moan in bed. Why? Because it lets them know they're doing a good job! So don't be afraid to get a little loud, but not so loud where you'll have problems with the neighbors.

Be open: The best way to have fun in the sack is to approach sex with a very open mind. I'm not saying you have to open to threesomes or weird stuff like that, just expand your horizons. Be willing to try something new at least once. Whether it's a certain position, location or role playing. Bring a little adventure to the bedroom every now and again!

Be confident: The bedroom is absolutely not the time to be complaining about your weight. Believe me he's not paying attention to that panzita or anything else you might be self-conscious about. You're naked and that's all he cares about. If you carry yourself sexy and confidently he'll see you that way too.

Be spontaneous: When it comes to sex, guys like to be surprised. Wake them up with a blowjob in the morning or wait in bed wearing some new, sexy lingerie OR tell him you want to do him somewhere you never have before. He'll LOVE it--no question about it!

Tell him what you want: I don't mean dirty talk, just guidance, girl. Guys like you to tell them or at least show them what you want. After all, communication is key.

Switch up the positions: How fun can sex really be in you're laying on your back the entire time? Switch it up from time to time. Get on top, get on all fours, do it standing up--the options are endless. Out of ideas? Get yourself a copy of the Kama Sutra book. It's will be the best 20-something bucks you've ever spent!

Be honest: Faking orgasms isn't going to do anyone favors. He's not going to know what you really like and you're missing out on the real deal. Keep it 100 percent honest, chica!

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