10 Signs you're having bad sex

Upset couple in bed after bad sexOne of my biggest dating fears is finding myself in a situation where I'm engaging in really crappy sex. Could you imagine? I don't care what anyone says, sex might not be the most important thing in a relationship, but it's still freaking important! I'm always so shocked by the amount of women who continue to date guys that suck in bed. Some try to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, assuming he'll perform better the next time, while others convince themselves that sex doesn't really matter because the dude is cute and sweet. Really? Then there's those few others who choose to remain in denial!


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Sorry, but if your gut reaction is to say, "what the hell was that?" Than something is definitely off. Still not too sure? Well here are 10 signs you're having really bad sex. Now get out of there!

He's rhythmically challenged: There's a reason why they suggest sleeping with a guy that can dance. A guy who's rhythmically challenged and uncoordinated can't be good in bed. He just can't!

He wants you to go down on him but won't on you: I'm sorry, but a grown man who expects you to blow him but won't return the favor is not a grown man at all and a pretty crappy lover!

He always comes, you never do: This is NOT okay! He's basically only interested in looking out for himself. Who wants to sleep with someone like that?

He comes too quickly: It's called premature ejaculation chica and it's not fun. Get out while you still can!

He makes you do all the work: If he's laying on his back while you ride him, blow him, or whatever else the majority of the time, he's not just lazy but he sucks! You can get more action from a vibrator.

He comes wherever he wants without warning: Um, who told him he could just squirt on your boobs like that? Can a girl at least get a warning?

He won't spend the night with you. He's so afraid of commitment he does everything in his power to make sure you're out of his place by the time he's ready to go to sleep. He doesn't want to cuddle or do anything that feels too close to a "relationship."

He's boring: He's comfortable with routine and doesn't know or even like to spice things up. Can someone say lame?

Lacks in equipment: If it's too small to rise to the occasion, you'll always be left wanting more. So do yourself a favor and lose the small fry!

You never orgasm: So what's the point?

He sucks at foreplay: Foreplay is what gets you in the mood for wanting sex in the first place. If the appetizer sucks, why even bother with the meal?

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