7 Ways to make anal sex better

PeachI know a lot of chicks that refuse to let their guy enter through their backdoor. Could you blame them though? Anal sex is a pretty intimate thing. Seriously, what could be more intimate then having something go in your butthole, a place where you're normally accustomed to letting things come out of (ahem)? Plus it could be painful and even awkward. How could any woman take pleasure in this? Let's just say it's not as bad as it sounds! Oh, and if you're my parents PLEASE don't read this!


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A lot of women I know are pretty adamant about never having butt sex and trust me, I get it! But if done with patience, it can actually be a pretty pleasurable experience for both the guy and the girl. It's all about feeling comfortable and communicating. The first time you had a guy go down on you, I'm sure it felt different (maybe even tickled) but once you got used to it, didn't it feel amazing? Same goes for anal sex. If you're game for trying, here are seven ways to ease into anal sex!

Do foreplay: You can't just rush into anal sex. That's not how it works. The same way you need foreplay with vaginal sex, you need foreplay with anal sex. Only difference is you want to make sure you have some kind of butt play along the way, you know, to relax those muscles back there. Have him stick his finger in your ass while he's doing you. That way you're more prepared for when he comes into your backdoor.

Let him toss your salad. Still don't know what this means? It's code for when a guy eats out your butt. Think oral sex but (pun not intended) in the behind. It won't just prep you for anal but it'll also lubricate you back there.

Do it slowly: Anal sex should never--I repeat never--be FAST! It has to be prepped and it has to start off slow, otherwise you'll be in agonizing pain and that won't be fun for anyone.

Get a Brazilian wax: Brazilians don't only leave your vagina smooth and bare, they clean up any fuzz you might have in your butt area too. You'll feel a lot more comfortable about anal sex if you are clean and bare back there.

Don't eat heavy: To avoid an embarrassingly gassy situation, try not to eat anything heavy or bloating before sex.

Use lube: There's actually lube out there specifically for anal sex--make sure you use it because you'll need it!

The tip hurts the most: If it hurts like hell when he's starting to go in, don't freak out. The tip of the penis tends to be the widest part. Once he's up to the shaft, it starts to feel better. But after a few seconds of him being in there you're still not about it, don't feel obligated to continue. It's not for everyone!

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