5 Craziest things people used to believe about vaginas

womanBack in the day, vaginas were pretty confusing to people. Science has advanced and thankfully people know the basic functions of a vagina, but we really shouldn't forget how ignorant people were. From the clitoris being a deadly warning sign to period blood killing sperm, there were plenty of crazy myths about the vagina. Here are five of the craziest lies about our lady parts


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1. That we have a traveling womb: Believe it or not, this myth lived on for decades thanks to philosopher Plato. He believed the uterus was a wandering little creature with a mind of its own. The wandering womb took over our bodies and was responsible for "blocking passages, obstructing breathing, and causing disease." Wow! He was pretty clueless when it came to female anatomy, but I appreciate his imagination. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie!

2. That our vaginas had teeth: It's hard to take a bite out of this! There were many folk legends that described vaginas as a vicious tooth-filled body part ready to bite down on any penis that came in its path. Somehow this theory of vaginal dentata still didn't stop people from procreating. Perhaps they all had a fetish for vaginas and teeth? Yuck.

3. The size of your clitirois made you dangerous: During Roman times, women with eloganted clitiroises were seen as potentially harmful and capable of raping men. In the 19th century, many women were cauterized because of these absurd beliefs. Mutilation of the clitirois was also popular because of the notion that it could possibly grow into a penis.

4. Period blood killed semen: We all know at one point menstruation was seen as a curse from God. Women were responsible for paying for the sins of Eve and the myths got even crazier. During medieval times, many believed that period blood was strong enough to kill semen. It was also believed that women who got pregnant during their periods would have physically deformed children. As if having your period isn't painful enough, women back then had to deal with this BS!

5. Using your brain could make your uterus shrivel into nothingness: A faculty member from Harvard Medical School believed that educating women would destroy their vajayjays. As if sexism wasn't bad enough, now our brains were being tied to our vaginas by a pompous jerk. Maybe his penis was already shriveled when he came up with this ridiculous theory.

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