6 Things his testicles want you to know

Juggling balllsAre you juggler my friend? We'll see about that. We have reached the point in our conversation where we are going to talk about his testicles. Most women tend to ignore them in foreplay and during sex because they don't know how to treat them or what to do with them. Yes, they are very sensitive, but that doesn't mean they are off limits. Keep reading, girl, because I'm going to tell you how to handle them with care while giving him pleasure.


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Testicles are your man's pride possession and he guards them accordingly. Learn how to treat them, no pulling or tugging is allowed.

1. Read the clues: You should always pay attention to the testicles because they often give lots of clues about the excitement of your man during sex. They decrease in size if something you are doing is very exciting and increase if it feels a little boring. When they almost disappear you'll know he is ready to explode.

2. They love your teeth: We tend to give all the attention to the penis and neglect the testicles. You can nibble and suck on the skin around them, but not on the testicles. Massage them with your hands doing circular moves to get your man excited.

3. Don't forget his prostate: That space between the testicles and anus is very exciting for men and they love when your fingers find it. Touch it gently and even lick it while you're giving him oral sex and you'll see how crazy he gets.

4. Make them bigger: You hold the power in your touch and moves. Men's testicles can increase 50% in size when you are driving him crazy.  

5. Don't tease the balls: Yes, you heard me, don't tease them because they'll become blue. When you leave your man all excited and nothing happens, the vessels in his testicles burst and become blue. This happens because the sperm built up needs to ejaculate.

6. All about the sperm: The testicles are where the sperm lives and is produced. Men with one testicle can produce as much sperm as a man with two. You just have to make sure you have plenty of sex to keep the supply alive and healthy.

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