5 Ways you change down there with age

Listen, as we get older, everything ages--including our beloved vagina. After puberty, the vagina becomes quite busy. Sex and babies are just some of the major changes the vagina experiences, but there are other physical and hormonal ones you probably don't know about. As our vaginas age, we need to transform our behavior to address those changes. For instance, in our 30's we probably need to start using a water base lubricant before sex and we have to start wearing looser pants. Keep reading, so you can learn how your vagina changes throughout the years.


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The following changes are inevitable; we are all going to experience them. It's good to know what's coming so we can all be prepared. Your vagina, your friend's and daughter's will thank you for it.

1. Labia gets smaller and clitoris larger: This starts in your 20's after puberty is done and over with because you are ready to mate and have babies. Your reproductive organs are in their prime during your 20's and the vagina is ready to be explored. You are the most fertile during these years so you should use protection at all times.

2. Pelvic floor muscles lose elasticity: After having babies, your pelvic muscles expand to help carry the baby and your vagina suffers from the loss of tension. It happens naturally in your 30's and that's why some women experience some difficulty achieving orgasms. You can do sit-ups and lower abs exercises to strengthen those muscles.

3. Darker color: It happens during your 30's. Your clitoris and labia become darker due to a hormonal change. After pregnancy, the color becomes even darker because the uterus increased its size to hold the baby and shrunk back afterward. Don't worry is you see darker spots, it's normal.

4. Wider cervix: Usually occurs after babies, but also happens with age. When your cervix expands, your vagina gets wider. It makes it more difficult to reach climax if you don't feel the penis. In some women, early incontinence occurs because the pelvic muscles are completely stretched out. Do kegels to contract those muscles again.

5. Vaginal dryness: Mostly occurs in your 40's because of the decreased amount of estrogen. Your hormones are also changing getting ready for perimenopause or menopause. The best thing to reverse vaginal dryness is lots of sex. Keep your vagina naturally moist by getting excited before sex. Use it, to lose it!

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