6 Natural lubes that will ruin your sex life

natural lubes not good for youPeople have been using makeshift lube since the dawn of time, and though we've come to understand a lot about the effects certain "natural" substances can have down there, you'd be surprised to know just what kind of crazy things some couples are still using to get wet and wild. Now, not all natural lube alteratives are bad. Many are great--not to mention they're cheap and handy. However, there are a few slippery substances out there that have no business being anywhere near your lady bits. Use the wrong homemade lube and you run the risk of going from hot and bothered to burning and irritated.


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I understand that when you're feeling frisky, there isn't a lot of blood left in your head, but even so, be mindful to avoid using these six natural lubes.

1. Petroleum-based products. Read the labels, ladies. Petroleum jellies, like Vaseline, are NOT intended for internal use, and for good reason. A study conducted by researchers at UCLA found that, "Among the women who reported using petroleum jelly as a vaginal lubricant, 40 percent had bacterial vaginitis compared to only 18 percent of women who did not use it." Er, gross. What's more, because these jellies tend to be so thick, one coat may make it hard for your vajayjay to breathe. OMG, what did she to deserve this? Stop torturing her!

2. Mineral oil. Thick, greasy mineral oils can trap yeast and bacteria in your vagina, and cause an infection. They're can also corrode latex condoms, so there's that scary tidbit of info. Your best bet is to stick with water-based lubes.

3. Beeswax. Just. DON'T! Beeswax is hard and waxy, so won't provide very much "glide," which may in turn cause painful friction and irritation. Also, like most of these terrible "natural" products, beeswax is a bacteria hoarder; it keeps bacteria inside of your vagina, where they will continue to live until TLC stages a filmed intervention.

4. Sugar-based substances: Go ahead and use whipped cream during foreplay. Slather it onto your partner's lips and chest, and lick it off. Go. To. Town! But keep that sticky, milky, sugary thing way from your baby maker. Sugary substances can trap yeast in your vagina.

5. Jojoba oil. This oil can do wonders for your skin, making it look shiny and new. Believe it or not, it can do the same for your vagina, which isn't a good thing. Jojoba oil can throw your pH balance off, causing changes in how your vaginal skin replaces itself. That sounds too science-fictiony for words.

6. Cannibis oil. Here's something I never thought I'd write: Don't put cannabis anything in your vagina! According to Sara Gottfried M.D., a Harvard M.D. and OB-GYN, "Some studies show that in animals, cannabis can adversely affect the vagina and uterus, and cause cessation of menstruation." This is especially bad for anyone who is trying for a baby.

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