6 Reasons being single is better than being mal acompañada

It's been a long time since Jennifer Lopez has been single but this time she's maintaining that status and for good reason. In fact, she recently sat down with Arianna Huffington during an interview with HuffPost Live to discuss her new memoir, True Love, where she opens up about her greatest loves and her biggest heartbreaks. The girl gives us the deets on everything from her emotionally, abusive seven-year marriage to Marc Anthony to her devastating breakup to former fiancé, Ben Affleck. But what really inspired me the most, is how she's finally focused on loving herself first!


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Jennifer has always been a hopeless romantic. We've seen her jump from one relationship to another since the start of her career. Even she admits she started dating Marc Anthony just days after breaking things off with Ben Affleck. But J.Lo has finally realized that the only love she needs right now is self-love. She's taking a break from dating and taking this time to fall in love with herself and I couldn't be happier for her!

I don't need anybody else," she continued. "I want somebody else, that would be nice, but I gotta be happy and whole on my own first. I gotta heal from things. You gotta give yourself time and space ... to grow and to realize things about yourself, to become your own best friend, to love yourself ... And then, once you're okay there, then you can share that. Somebody can add to that happiness that you already have.

I can totally relate to Jennifer. I've recently become single for the first time in eight years (it's been a long time, I know). But as scary as it feels sometimes, it's also pretty darn awesome! Sure, it's nice having a man (especially around the holidays) but going solo can be sweet too. It's a great time to really put yourself first and explore who you are outside of a relationship. Not to mention, I'd rather be alone than in bad company! Here are a few reasons why being a single woman rocks!

You're free: You are now in complete control of your life and your time. You can go as you please where you want and when you want. You can pursue different hobbies, interests and passions without having to worry about how it affects your guy. This feeling alone is relieving!

You can be selfish: In my previous relationship I always placed my fiancé first. Every single decision I made revolved around him. I had to sacrifice my time, my money and at one point even compromised things about myself that I really shouldn't have. It feels good to be selfish again. Now I can spend my free time doing whatever the hell I want!

It's exciting: I don't know about you, but I get excited knowing that there's a better (and taller) guy out there for me. Mr. Right could be right around the corner!

You can be yourself: I just dished a super controlling man (total Marc Anthony type) and seeing this as an opportunity to be myself--bright lipstick, high-heels, weekly blowouts and all!

You look better: Don't get me wrong, J.Lo has always been hot. But tell me she hasn't been looking even better since she broke things off with her ex, Casper Smart? I'm guessing it's because she feels a weight lifted off her shoulders. I've been told I got the single girl glow now!

There's someone MUCH better: Listen, it didn't work out with your ex for a reason and that's because you deserve SO much better. You'll find a guy who values you so much you'd want to call that lousy ex of yours and thank him for letting you go. In the meantime, do you!

You don't have to deal with his crazy mom: Just thank your lucky stars you don't have to deal with his overbearing, manipulative mother EVER again. Single status equals no suegra problems. Yippee!

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