British "relationship expert" advises women to get surgery if they don't want their men to cheat

woman head wrapped post opAfraid your man is going to leave you for another woman? Then you should go out and get yourself a new… set of boobs? No, that's not my personal advice. I'm not stupid. That locura came courtesy of self-proclaimed "sex expert" Louise Van Der Velde. According to the clueless Brit, men have the right to sleep with attractive women, so you'd better shape up or accept that they're going to ship out and leave your behind for a younger model. Sigh.


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Esta loca tiene huevos. Van Der Velde, who runs a relationship therapy center in central London, actually believes women whose men cheat on them have no one to blame but themselves. "They say that their husband is messing about and he 's left them for someone else, but I think it is absolutely the woman's responsibility when they have let themselves go over the years." Let's be clear, when Van Der Velde says "let themselves go," she isn't saying these women stopped bathing themselves and started braiding their leg hair into cornrows. No. She's saying these women have had the utter nerve to--gasp--enjoy an occasional burger and allow their bodies to age.

According to Van Der Velde, Spanish women are the worst offenders. She says she lived in Spain for fifteen years, and could hardly stomach the sight of happy Spanish women "eating all of these cakes and bread." She goes on to say those carby treats are the reason so many Spanish women over the age of 50 have been written off by men. Oh, noooooo! The horror!

I joke, but Van Der Velde is dead serious. She actually advises her clients to get boob jobs and face lifts to save their marriages. In fact, she swears her method works. She says several of her clients' marriages have been buoyed with a new pair of fake boobs, and several others have done an about face when they got a new carita of their own. Though Van Der Velde admits she's had an odd client or two who've insisted that their men should accept them for who they are, most of her clients agree that it's their responsibility to keep a man from cheating on them. That makes me sad.

I couldn't disagree with Van Der Velde more if I tried. Cheating has nothing to do with the person being cheated on. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of subjective attractiveness have been cheated on. Why? Because they were with selfish men. Men who were insecure and felt that sleeping with someone else would make them feel good and virile and wanted. The cheated because they had a tingle in their underwear and no blood flow left in their heart and head. They cheated because we as a society keep making excuses for them, telling women that it's their fault. Men cheat because they think they can.   

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