5 Ways to make missionary the best sex position ever

Missionary, sexMissionary style, I know what you are thinking... This sex position is old, effective and always delivers, but it can also be boring and predictable. I mean, you are lying down, he's on top doing most of the work and hopefully it gets you where you need to be. A lot of tired couples choose this position to get it on and over quickly and for some this is a favorite. There are ways to spice up this oldie but goodie and make things in bed even hotter. Read on because we are going to give you some tips to make the missionary way sexier.


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If the missionary is the "must" position, whether you love it or not, following these tips will make it work for you and your partner. Believe me; you'll have as much fun as if you were on top. All you have to do is make a couple of tweaks here and there.

1. Bring a friend: Don't go wild; I'm talking about a sex toy. The in and out motion he does works wonders for him, but not so much for you. A sex toy will stimulate your clitoris, wake up your vagina and get the G-spot going. You'll be more than ready when he penetrates you.

2. Open wide: The wider your legs, the deeper he can go in. It will also allow his penis to rub your clitoris and get you really excited. We tend to open just enough for him to go in and that's it, time to really keep those legs wide and wrap them around his back.

3. Bring your legs to your chest: This position will open your vagina and expose your clitoris. You'll get so stimulated having sex this way, that you'll probably reach climax before he does. This movement will also allow you to work your lower abs and that's a nice bonus!

4. Up and down: Forget in and out because he is the one doing all the work. Teach him to go up and down and the two of you will be in perfect sync. Make sure your hips and pelvis are aligned with his and let him rest his body weight on yours. Move at the same time up and down, allowing the top of his penis to brush your clitoris.

5. Number 69: It's part of the missionary style and should be brought back into the mix. Doing 69 before or in between the missionary position will get you very excited and prolong the sexual experience. Unless you are in the mood for a "quickie," lay back and enjoy!

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