5 Steps to take the perfect sexy selfie​

Sexiness comes from within, but sometimes a good selfie helps to bring it out. Taking a sexy selfie is a great way to add more romance and fantasy back into your relationship. Men are visual creatures and a quick selfie can drive him crazy and have him wanting more when he gets home. It's a playful way to tease him with almost minimal effort. We love that. Here are five foolproof ways to take a sexy selfie he'll love.


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1. Pick good lighting: What makes a sexy selfie is all about the glowing skin. Make sure to avoid shooting your light source from behind since this will cause more darkness around your face. Having the light shine towards your face will soften and bring out your features. Stick with natural light since the camera flash can wear you out and bring out the oily sections in your face (not very sexy). Once you get the perfect lighting, your sexy selfie will almost be complete.

2. Use the back camera: Using the front camera lens ends up giving your photo a graininess that isn't too appealing. You want to make sure your face or body part is in focus and the back camera lens usually doesn't provide as high resolution as the front. It will be more awkward to hold the phone, but once you get a hang of it, it will totally be worth it.

3. Know your good angle: You want to make sure you pose in the best angle possible. If you aren't sure of your good side, simply take a bunch of practice shots and compare them. Don't send the first couple of shots right away. Practice always makes perfect.

4. Wear your hair down: There is just an added sexiness of having your hair fall naturally. Throw your best sexy face on and make sure to be playful with your hair. It is the added accessory that will make his fantasies run wild. 

5. Show off an asset he loves: You don't always have to point towards your face, if you know what I mean. Pick a body part he loves and send him a photo that's tastefully sexy. Naked selfies should be avoided at all costs since you don't know who will have access to your partner's phone at some point. Trust us, it will avoid potential embarrassment. Instead, take shots of your cleavage or your legs and leave the best for when they get home. 

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