6 Myths about oral sex decoded

For every man oral sex is synonym of heaven. The bliss they experience when they are laying on their backs is celestial. For some women, giving oral sex is empowering. They love to have complete control over him using two weapons: her hand and her mouth. Oral sex should be fun and exciting because, if you are enjoying it, he will too. There are some myths regarding oral sex and we are going to decode them for you.


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Myth 1. He only likes it in bed: He likes it here, there and everywhere. The Beatles said it, I'm sure they had other things in mind when they wrote that. The more spontaneous and unexpected oral sex is, the better for your relationship.

Myth 2. It takes a long time: If you don't like giving oral sex, it will feel long. In reality, if you know what you're doing (how he likes it) it goes fast. Massage his testicles, strip naked and put your butt close to his face, you'll see how quickly he'll explode with pleasure.

Myth 3. He is thinking of someone else: Nope. Men are not as complicated as we are. Sure, they have fantasies, but not during oral sex. For men, oral sex is more about release than anything else and that's why they masturbate a lot. The moment your mouth is near his penis, he'll want to go. Don't worry about what's on his mind, worry about doing the best job you can.

Myth 4.  If I don't swallow, he won't like it! Every man is different and swallowing is preferential. If you find his "G" spot and what makes him feel like a conqueror, he won't mind if you spit it or not. Don't be intimidated by semen, after all, it's full of protein. As long as you succeed getting him off, you can let the sticky liquid run down your fingers.

Myth 5. He only wants to explode in my mouth: Don't generalize, discuss it with your man and let him know you are not comfortable. Many women crowned oral sex queens have never let the guy ejaculate inside their mouth. The goal is pleasure and the explosion is only a part of the complete equation.

Myth 6. You are going to get HPV: You have to practice safe sex to avoid any type of sexually transmitted diseases and HPV. If you don't, you are at risk of getting the virus, which can lead to cancer. To make you feel better, there isn't sufficient conclusive evidence from research that connects oral sex to HPV.

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