3 Natural ways to make his penis feel larger

Forget everything that you've heard. Bigger is always better and it counts in the bedroom department too. The issue is that not all men are created equal and some need more help than others when it comes to length. Penises stop growing after puberty is complete, which is typically around the ages of 16 to 21. While accepting your man's penis size is major for an everlasting relationship, you don't have to settle for less if you know what I mean. There are natural and nonsurgical ways to make a man's penis feel larger. We've got all of the tips and tricks! 


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1. Stretch it out and exercise: The penis is made up of 50 percent muscle, so working it out will enable your man to get his freak on with more than the package he was born with. There are several exercises that are proven to make the penis larger by small increments, but it is ideal to start with the basic penis stretch, which consists of grabbing the private part behind the head and gently pulling downward. Tell your man to hold the stretch for about 30 seconds and repeat. Rob Michaels, author of the book Penis Exercises, explains, "Considering the fact that penile exercising makes erections stronger, harder, and longer-lasting, it would make sense that penis exercising either creates more smooth muscle cells or causes the smooth muscle cells to grow." Sounds pretty promising!

2. Cut down on masturbating: Once the penis is erect, the size may vary depending on how much blood flow has reached his private area. Curbing masturbation for a couple of days will almost guarantee that he will have a larger more erect penis when he goes to bed with you--and trust us he probably wants it as badly as you do. In a recently study conducted by the British Journal of Urology, only 55 percent of men admitted to being satisfied with their penis size.

3. Mind his diet: The food that he eats could be causing penis shrinkage. If your man is all about fast food and meals high in cholesterol, chances are all of that fat and grease is making his penis smaller. Instead, go with foods that will make his arteries stronger like a diet high in antioxidants. This is definitely a reason to get him to eat his fruits and veggies! 

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