Crazy Latina trapped in chimney after trying to drop in on ex

genoveva nunez-figueroaThat awkward moment when the guy you've been crushing on finds you stuck in his chimney. Ugh, ain't that the worst? I wouldn't actually know. But I bet Geonoveva Nunez-Firguerora would! The 30-year-old California woman had to be extracted from a chimney by the Ventura County Fire Department on Sunday, after she got stuck in the flue during an attempt to just drop in on a man she met online. Holy smokes, that's embarrassing!


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genoveva nunez-figueroaNunez-Figueroa was discovered trapped inside the chimney of a two-story home in California, after neighbors called 911 to report weird noises coming from inside the flue. According to reports, la loca esa had been stuck in there for approximately three hours before help finally arrived. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Just so scary for everyone involved, including the man's whose home Nunez-Figueroa was trying to break into.

According to the guy, who is only known to the media as Lawrence A., he met Nunez-Figueroa online and had only gone out with her a couple of times. Well, he must have shown the mujer a helluva good time, he tells CBS News this isn't the first time Nunez-Figueroa has tried dropping in on him, unannounced. "It's actually the second attempt for her trying to access the inside of my house," Lawrence said, "from the roof." Well, you know what they say: if at first you don't succeed, climb, climb again!

Okay, all corny jokes aside, what Nunez-Figueroa did is extremely dangerous. She could have gotten seriously injured, or worse! I mean, the woman was really wedged in there. Fire fighters ended up having to lube her up with dish detergent and demolish a portion of the chimney just to get her out. That must have sucked! But I guess the pain of having Palmolive squirted into her eyes and bricks falling onto her face is nothing compared to the bruising her ego and criminal record have taken since. According to local news sources, Nunez-Figueroa has since been slapped with charges of illegal entry into a residence. Ouch!

As for Lawrence, he's a bit shaken up, but is reportedly doing fine. However, the same can't be said for his poor chimney. 'I'm feeling better, not so weirded out anymore now that person isn't in my chimney anymore," he said. "Trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my chimney since it's in pieces but better my chimney than probably me." Exactly! It could have been way worse. Just goes to show, Lawrence says, "You have to be careful who you meet online."

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