4 Ways to turn your sex fantasies into a reality

When it comes to sex and pleasure very few rules are in place as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing it. Experimenting with new sex positions, toys and places are always fun and exciting. We all have sex fantasies, some kinkier than others, but they are all important for the health of our sex life. Some couples perform all their sex fantasies in the bedroom and leave nothing to the imagination. If you are on the shy side, we are going to tell you how to live out your fantasy.


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Some women are afraid to share their sexual fantasies because they don't want to be judged. Know you man before you blurt out your vagina's desire. If you are ready and comfortable, phrase it correctly in a way that you know you won't offend him. For instance, asking him to wear your lingerie might not be a good idea for a dominating man. These are some of the most popular fantasies and we'll tell you how to approach them!

1. You want it rough: It might be all part of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, but according to a recent poll conducted by a health magazine, a third of their female subscribers wants to be dominated in bed. You can totally make this happen. Guide your gentleman and tell him how you want him to hold you. Buy a sexy little number and ask him to rough it in bed and hold your hands tight.

2. Make a porn tape: He'll probably be very excited about this idea because men love to watch other people doing it. You on the other hand might be a little self-conscious about your body. If you are sure, get all the stuff you need ready beforehand so it turns into sex on candid camera and not "the camera is ready, let's have sex!"

3. A threesome: Women tend to be more wary of this because of jealousy. But if you are totally into it, make sure you are the one choosing the other woman. You want to make sure this experience strengthens your relationship, and not destroy it. Choose a professional with a no-strings-attached agreement, to avoid drama.

4. Sex with a stranger: It turns you on, but you know it's off limits. Rent a hotel room for the night and ask your man to meet you at the hotel bar. When your man approaches you, role play and talk to him as if he were a stranger. Seduce him over drinks and bring him upstairs.

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