Couple gets stuck together while having sex in the ocean

couple gets stuck after having sex in oceanDarlings, I think an adventurous sex life is wonderful and I highly encourage it, but CUIDADO if you have any plans for doing it in the ocean because you may never be able to stop. No, I'm serious. Let me tell you the tale of a couple who got stuck together while having sex in the ocean. I am not making this up, it totally happened, there are even witnesses and if you don't read on, it could happen to you!


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A frisky twosome in Italy were swimming in the ocean at Porto San Giorgio, it was a warm day, the beach was nearly empty and the two decided to get it on. The couple had sex in the water and when they were done, they were stuck together! As in the dude's penis would not come out of the woman's vagina. Oh yeah!

They started to panic because no matter how hard they tried to pull apart, it's like there genitals had been crazy glued together. They made their way to shore as best they could and flagged down a woman who was kind enough to procure a towel for them.

The coupling couple ended up at a local hospital emergency room where they couldn't be pulled apart either until the woman was given an injection that is normally used to dilate a pregnant woman's uterus.

Now, I'm sure the man involved in this incident would like us all to believe that he was stuck inside of his lover because of his girth and all, but the truth is that the couple got stuck because of the suction created while making love in the water.

I had no idea this could even happen, did you? So be careful my amorously adventurous amigas, you might not want to get freaky underwater unless you want to stay connected afterwards.

How evil is it that this story makes me laugh hysterically? If it happened to me it would be awful, but since it happened to someone else BWAHAHAHAHA!

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