Moans that will make him go crazy in the bedroom​

If you don't enjoy making sex noises in the bedroom, a new study may force you to break out of your shyness or improve on the "vocal" skills you already have. Research by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that heterosexual men find their partner's moans to be a real turn on during sex. Likewise, women in the study admitted to intentionally making sex sounds in order to get their man to climax. Well then, how do we become professional moaners in the sack and leave our man speechless? Let us count the ways...


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1. The "getting close" moan: These moans are short and focused in your throat area. This is a great way to signal to him what works for you and what doesn't. Based on your sounds, he will be able to gauge your pleasure points and when to use them. Everyone wins with this one.

2. The yoga star moan: If you learned anything useful from your yoga instructor, it's how to breathe. This will increase your circulation and intensifies your arousal. Make sure to inhale through your nose slowly and allow your breath to reach your belly. The moan should be deep and come from the center of your body once you slowly exhale. "When a woman is aroused, her breathing will gradually get shallower and quicker, and a few involuntary moans will probably escape as well," says sexual anthropologist from Charles University Jan Havlicek. Your breathing will make him feel like you are that much closer to climaxing. Go deep with your breathing and both of you will feel a difference.

3. The "you nailed it" moan: Once you reach your pleasure peak, a deeper moan from your chest bursts out and let's your partner know he is doing all of the right moves. These tend to be quicker in pace and make you want to use your mouth more in the form of biting or kissing. Dr Barry Komisaruk, a professor of sexual psychology at Rutgers University explains, "Women are more likely to be turned on by biting than men; her pain threshold increases by 50 percent when she is sexually aroused."

4. The "I'm the queen of the world" moan: This is the peak of satisfaction and opens the door to climaxing. The passion and pleasure has intensified to its max, which means the muscles in your private area are beginning to contract and reach orgasm. Try to keep a slow pace in order to make your orgasm leave you just as speechless as he will be. 

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