Sorry, no cream will make your vagina feel 18 again

I thought I'd heard it all when it comes to weird vagina trends. The world has become seriously obsessed with women body parts lately which explains why so many chicas are having there's surgery altered, bleached, detoxed or bejeweled. But now all the hype seems to be around a new vaginal tightening cream called "18 Again." Yes, it's really called '18 again." Tell me that doesn't sound gross! What I want to know is, does this thing actually work?


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Once upon time women did kegels to keep their vaginas nice and tight. Now they get either reconstructive surgery or use vaginal tightening creams. But if vaginal tightening creams are so effective, why would anyone even consider surgery? Well that's because creams may not actually work.

In fact, most doctors and plastic surgeons believe it to be a hoax. "There are no creams, ointments, etc. that I know of that can actually tighten the vaginal canal. There may be some that cause a temporary tighter feeling due to some constriction of the blood vessels, etc., but those sort of things would only be more related to sexual activities," Plastic surgeon, Dr. Christoper V. Pelletiere wrote on

Apparently there are no creams or topical products out there that can actually tighten your vagina. But after browsing around a few sites and forums I found that vaginal tightening creams can actually do more harm than good. Some women complain about burning while others even suffered from infections. Thinking about trying out a vaginal tightening cream? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't!

It can burn: Vaginal tightening creams have to be inserted into the vagina the same way you'd insert a yeast infection cream. But some women complain that it causes burning during sex. Well with all the chemicals in that thing, how could it not burn?

It can cause swelling: What a lot of these topical treatments do is increase blood flow to the vagina causing a temporary swelling, NOT tightening. That doesn't sound too fun to me.

It can give you an infection: If vaginal lubricants can cause yeast or other bacterial infections, why would it be any different with tightening creams? I found a lot of forums with women complaining about vaginal tightening creams not actually tightening their vaginas but giving them bacterial vaginosis or other imbalances.

It's so sexist: I'm sorry, but beauty products designed to lighten or tighten us down there are just plain sexist. One of the slogans for the 18 Again cream is "Feel tight and wanted again!" Um, do I really need to feel like a virgin in order to feel wanted again?

It doesn't work: Like I said, there's no scientific proof out there that this stuff actually works. Doctors all claim it to be a hoax and if you don't believe that, start reading through product reviews. You'll find a lot of disappointed customers--trust me!

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