Bride cheats on groom with dwarf stripper and has his baby

little person dwarf stripperWhat happens at your bachelorette party, stays…in your womb? Okay, not typically, but that happens to be the case for a Spanish woman who recently gave birth to a baby that looks nothing like her new hubby, but bears a striking genetic resemblance to a little person stripper she hooked up with the eve of her bachelorette party. Ooooh, she's got some serious 'splaining to do!


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The unidentified woman was forced to confess when she gave birth to a baby with dwarfism, reports Talk about awkward. Imagine how that went down. There your hubby is, breathlessly awaiting the birth of his firstborn when, blammo! Out pops a baby that looks nothing like him. Pues, they say that everything that happens in the dark eventually comes to light. I guess she just didn't expect that light to be shining down into her v-spot, with her husband looking on.

Apparently, the woman had planned on keeping the hen night hookup her little secret. According to the website, no one, not even her closest friends knew that she'd gotten down and dirty with their stripper for the night. But then again, as the website points out: "As you can imagine, no one that sleeps with a stripper at her hen night broadcasts it or at least they try to take their secret to the grave." That is, of course, unless you forget to practice safe sex. In that case, that secret's only going as far as the maternity ward.

So far, the baby's biological father has yet to be identified, though several other strippers have come forward to add to the bochinche mill. The website interviewed a Spanish man who also happens to be a dwarf stripper about the incident, and according to him most strippers with dwarfism are typically hired as a "joke." More often than not it's a joke thing and the women are very shy and don't even want you to touch them," he explains. "I'm astonished at the idea someone's fallen pregnant like this and the woman has managed to keep it a secret even from her closest friends." That's really messed up.

This entire thing is messed up, actually. I can't help but wonder about how this woman's husband must feel. He thought he was getting a Junito, all his own, and now he's come to find out that the child isn't biologically his. As for the baby, I hope that the circumstances behind his conception does not affect the manner in which his family (or his mother's husband) treats him. If we're all being really honest here, it's hard enough as it is for little people. Lots of them go through life being made to feel as if they're inherently different from everyone else. Sure, they look different, but they're just like you and me. They deserve to be treated with love and respect. I wish the woman, her baby, and her husband all the best. I hope that the biological father reaches out and takes responsibility. He's stripping for two now!

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