Walter Mercado wants to help you find the love of your life

Walter Mercado dating siteOMG, somebody pinch me! I feel like I'm dreaming because this is just too good to be true: Walter Mercado has a dating site or a dating mercado if you will. Yes, THE one and only Latin American astrologer-extraordinaire Walter Mercado! This is mind blowing, mi gente! So many of us already take Walter's advice in other areas of our lives it only makes sense that he guide us when it comes to online dating as well.


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The website is called and not only can you shop for potential lovers, you can also shop for some candles and lotions that are part of Walter Mercado's exclusive line. You know those fancy outfits don't pay for themselves. A fancy man has got to make some fancy money, yo!

What I love about the site is that you search for mates based on their astrological sign. It's Walter's site, it wouldn't be right any other way.

Oh man, my mom is going to be so bummed that she's not single when I tell her about this site. She loves Walter Mercado so much and is a very devoted follower. She used to call me constantly to retell me his horoscope readings for my sign until she realized I wasn't listening. I know, I'm totally rude.

As a matter of fact, my mother even brags that she looks just like Walter Mercado, which is hilarious because my mother is a very vain woman. She's always been beautiful and loves being told she's beautiful, so imagine my surprise when one day she says to me while flipping through a magazine, "I look just like this famous celebrity, everyone always tells me I do." I rolled my eyes as she turned the magazine toward me and then started laughing hysterically when she showed me a HUGE picture of Walter Mercado. What makes it even funnier is that she's right, they do look alike. They have the same hair color and totally do their makeup the same way.

Good luck to Mr. Mercado on his dating mercado.

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