The 5 Best Kama Sutra positions that will blow your mind

Kama sutra may be one of the oldest ways to have sex, but it has been around for centuries for a reason. Tantric sex is considered one of the best ways to reach an orgasm and increase intimacy with your partner. No wonder it has been around since about 400 BC. If you are looking for ways to switch up the standard missionary position, this is the way to go. 


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The G-spot position: For deep penetration and instant gratification, try lying on your back and pulling your knees into your chest. Then rest your feet on his chest as he leans into your body. The position allows for your vagina to feel narrower, which provides a tighter sensation for him and a deeper sensation for you. Sex expert Yvonne K. Fulbright also explains, "For those desiring the auspiciousness of the Kama Sutra even more, the guy can draw her feet up to touch his mouth and forehead, conveying tenderness, humility, and devotion."

The V position: This requires some arm strength from you man, but just tell him that the added exercise will be worth it. While you are on your back, lie on a couch or bed with your feet hanging at the edge. Ask your man to get in between your legs and lift you on his shoulders. You will be left in a V position, which will allow him to take over while you feel maximum penetration.  

The chair dance position: This will allow you to tap into your inner raunchy (but sexy) pop star. While he is sitting on a chair, sit on top of him and elevate your legs together his shoulders. The friction and movement will allow you to feel in control while also letting him control the balance.

The tidal wave position: Think about this as a spooning missionary position with you on top. Both of your legs are on top of each other (try to avoid spreading your legs out too much). As you lift your upper body, begin grinding slowly and making sure your bellies are touching. The friction will create heat in more than one area. The key is to focus on your breathing and make eye contact with your partner.

The curved position: If you are looking for a grand finale, try lying on your side and curling your legs up so that your knees are touching your chest. Let your man come up behind you in a similar position. As he enters, you will feel his body pressed up against your back. It is a position that is sure to make you climax and bring the romance back into the bed sheets. 

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