This woman thinks she's too beautiful to date online

paula jayne allenHundreds of thousands of people find love online every year. But Paula Jayne Allen wasn't one of them. According to the blue-eyed blonde from Essex, England, she was at a huge disadvantage when it came to dating online, because, get this, she's just too sexy for would-be suitors to handle.


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paula jayne allenAllen tells the Daily Mail she turned to online dating when she grew tired of dodging superficial men in bars who only wanted one thing from her: sex. But, wouldn't you know it, men on dating sites also seemed to only want a little bow-chicka-bow-wow from the blue-eyed blonde. According to Allen, men would take one look at her profile picture and assume that the petite blonde was easy. Some would even be so forward as to ask her to do them "a favor" and be with them for one night. Given this experience, she did what any level-headed woman would do: she jumped to the conclusion that she was simply too pretty to find love online.  

Every so often a story comes alone that makes me roll my eyes so hard, I actually sprain an eye muscle. This is one of those stories. I'm not trying to throw shade Allen's way, but I hope she stretched before jumping to that conclusion, because that's quite a leap. It's obvious to me that Allen is totally out of touch with reality. Anyone with a vagina and internet access can tell you that they get hit on by creeps looking for a one-night stand on an almost daily basis. It really doesn't matter if you're thick or slender, tall or short, single or taken—there are jerks out there who will treat you like you're just a "piece of meat."

Maybe I'm a cynic (or just raised by a couple of them), but I was taught that sucios think that a hole is a hole is a hole is a hole. You shouldn't take their advances personally, because they'll run that game on just about anyone willing to give them the time of day or a good ol' lay. Sure, Allen feels like she's had more than her fair share of encounters with such men, but I don't know a woman who doesn't feel the same way. It's a fact of life that dating is hard, and most of us will have to wade through a lake full of horny toads before we find someone who loves us for who we are, inside and out.

Ultimately, Allen did find some who was able to look beyond her dazzling good looks. She met her husband soon after she quit dating online five years ago. According to her, he loves her for her personality, as well as for her looks. Good for her. As for the rest of us muggles still on the dating scene, she doles out some tried and true advice.  "Just be yourself, no one should have to change," she says. "If you're truly happy in who you are you shouldn't have to change a single thing about you, because someone else will love that happiness - it will shine through in everything that you do." Genius! Why haven't I thought of this? 

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