Potato inserted as contraceptive grew roots in woman's vagina

potato contraceptive

Doctors at a Colombian hospital received the shock of their lives when they examined a 22-year-old woman complaining of abdominal pain and found a potato lodged in her vagina! The young woman, on the other hand, significantly less shocked. She'd known all along that the potato was chilling in her v-spot, because she's the one who placed it there. On purpose! Because her mami told her to. What in the world? Why would anyone in their right mind tell someone to put a potato in their vagina? According to the patient, her mother told her it would protect her against…


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Pregnancy! Oh, good! I was afraid she was going to say something crazy, like it was up there for…no. No, using a potato as birth control is pretty crazy. Not to mention dangerous! The woman told doctors the spud had taken up residence on the corner of Uterus Street and Vulva Lane about two weeks ago. I guess it must have gotten quite comfy up there, because the dang thing was growing roots that were subsequently growing OUT of her vagina!

Thank goodness the offending spud (and roots) were easily removed from the woman's vagina. However, a huge problem still remains. This entire ordeal highlights a bigger issue concerning Colombian youth, many of whom have not received proper sex education and have subsequently rejected conventional contraceptive methods such as condoms and birth control pills. That's no bueno. That means there are tons of people out there who would rather insert vegetation into their hoohas and/or have an oopsie baby than speak to their doctors about getting a safe and effective IUD. That's terribly sad.

This just goes to show how important it is that we speak to our children about birth control. Of course no one actually wants to think about their child having sex. I get it. But I bet no one wants to think about their child having an unplanned pregnancy, contracting an STD, or even having a potato removed from their privates either. Don't become a grandparent to a little Mr. Potato Head. Speak to your children about having safe sex today.

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