5 Ways to boost your endurance & make sex last

Intercourse is amazing, but making sex last longer could be a challenge sometimes. Once you are able to "get it in" so to speak, you don't want the session cut short right away. Forget that! It should be the best sex you have ever had every single time. No, that doesn't make you greedy. We promise. To help with your mission, here are five tips that can help you boost your endurance and make your sex last longer. Go get it...


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1. Take your vitamins: Taking vitamin B-12 is a huge mood and energy booster. Not to mention it increases blood circulation, which helps light up all of the right places. Vitamin B-12 is also said to heighten your sex drive. All of the above sound lovely! Feeling happy and in the mood is definitely a good start to boosting endurance in the bedroom.

2. Be in control: Once you are in the moment, make sure to start and stop the flow of movement in order to ensure that the sex lasts longer from both ends. The teasing will also make your climax feel even more dramatic. Sex expert Sean Jameson explains, "By spending up to two hours caressing, kissing, massaging and rubbing your body, you will both be more relaxed and aroused than if foreplay only lasted for three minutes." 

3. Eat watermelon: Adding the juicy fruit to your diet is an easy and natural way to boost your libido. Watermelon has a compound called citrulline, which helps increase oxygen flow, which in turn helps increase blood circulation to your private areas.

4. Indulge in dark chocolate: This is so perfect if you have a sweet tooth! Dark chocolate has an ingredient called phenylethylamine, an endorphin that helps you feel the love in all of the right places. The antioxidants will also help increase your sex performance and leave you feeling in a euphoric state.

5. Do more cardio exercises: Now that we covered what you should eat, it's only natural the burning calories also help boost your stamina in the bedroom. Try cardio workouts that range between 60 to 10 minutes. Having a set fitness routine will naturally get you to be more active in the bedroom. You can thank us later. 

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