5 Sex rules every mom should live by​

Throw almost everything you know out the window when it comes to having sex. Once you become a parent, you hear about all of these tips moms should know about having sex. For example, try to get it on while the kids are napping or make sure to set the mood for your man. Who has time for that?! There are more realistic sex tips moms should follow and we are covering them all.  


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Don't limit your sex episodes to the bedroom: There isn't anything wrong with getting kinky in usual territory, but adding a little spontaneity will kick up the passion and romance--especially when you already have a daily routine covered with the kids. Try making love in other places in the house like the shower or basement or if you're feeling adventurous you can take your love session to a hotel or even inside your car. The point is to switch it up every once in a while. Dr. Laura Berman, author of The Passion Prescription and Loving Sex, explains, "It's natural in a long-term relationship for things to get a little tired, a little predictable, and so it's important to make things as spontaneous and interesting as they can be."

Hire a sitter for date/sex nights: Babysitters are great for while you're at work or running errands, but give that same attention to spending quality time with your partner. Dr. Berman advises parents to let kids know that mom and dad need their privacy time together. "I think that's a really important message to give your kids about what to expect in their own loving relationships," she states.

Ask for what you want: Whether it is a sexy massage, oral sex or foreplay, don't feel bad about asking for what you want. Having that open communication will bring you that much closer. If you don't want to vocalize it, you can always place his hands or other body part (wink) where you want them to go. He'll get the hint.

Love your body--even the chichos: When you finally get the moment going, the last thing you want to do is not enjoy it because you are too busy thinking about your flaws. Dr. Berman states, "Typically, when a woman looks at herself, her eyes go straight to her problem areas." Instead, write down what you love about your body and ask your partner to also make note about your sexy qualities. When you feel good about yourself, you are that much closer to having mind-blowing sex.

There really are no rules: Deciding the time of day or how frequently you want to have sex per week is totally up to you! Maybe you can't get into it when your baby is sleeping or you rather not have sex first thing in the morning. If it doesn't work for you then don't force it. Be a rebel. Dump all of the rules and work with what you got. You are amazing at that anyway. 

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