5 Shocking facts most women don't know about masturbating

masturbatingNot to get all TMI on you, but I'm always in shock when I meet women who admit they don't masturbate. Single or not, masturbation is a pretty healthy thing, girl. How else are you supposed to know what you like or don't like? But, here's the problem, women who don't masturbate are usually the ones who don't know enough about it. If you're rubbing yourself down there the way you'd scratch your cat or if you're fingering your vagina like it's a penis, then of course you're not going to enjoy it!


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Believe it or not, touching yourself is actually really healthy especially if you're in a relationship. So many women like to treat masturbation like some shameful secret they need to keep on the hush-hush. Meanwhile, most men masturbate and have NO problem talking about it with their friends. So let's get over these silly masturbation myths chica and learn to get busy all by yourselves. Here are 5 things no one ever tells your about masturbation!

You don't need to be fingering yourself: I'll never forget this crazy conversation I had with a friend once. She said she hated masturbating because her finger could never compare with a penis. Seriously? Who says masturbating has to involve you fingering your vagina? Focus on your clit girl. Touch it, caress, do what feels good.

There isn't just one spot: There are a lot of areas of your vagina that are sensitive to touch. You can touch your clit, you can touch your labia lips. You can even massage your butt hole if you're into that sort of thing. Don't be embarrassed about what turns you on. After all, no one is looking, right?

Dildos aren't for everyone: Listen, not everyone is into plastic penis penetration and that's perfectly okay. There are tons of other fun sex toys out there that will definitely do the trick. Take a trip to your local sex shop or go online and explore what's out there. Trust me, when it comes to sex toys—you got options!

They won't make you enjoy sex less. Guys masturbate, does that mean they rather jerk off in the shower than have intercourse with a woman? NO! Masturbation is fun but it's not going to replace the real thing, never will!

It won't weird your guy out: Um, if anything, he should be turned on by the fact that you masturbate. It also makes his job a lot easier because you'll let him know what you like.

You should want to: Women tend to feel ashamed about masturbating. So ashamed we don't even like to admit to ourselves that we WANT to do it. Screw that! If you're feeling horny, just go for it. Unless you're in a public place of course. You wouldn't want someone to hear you moaning in the toilet stall at work. That would just be weird!

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