Real people try out Cosmo sex tips & it's hilarious

cosmo tipsSex can be fun, messy and downright awkward, especially when you're trying out a crazy new position. Take it from Cosmopolitan magazine. The ladies mag, best known for their wild and crazy sex tips and tricks, released a trio of videos proving that sex may not always very sexy, but it is always incredibly entertaining. You have to see them for yourself! 


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Cosmo sent two brave souls out into the streets of New York City to try out some of their notoriously acrobatic sex tips, to see once and for all whether or not real people could do them, IRL. The results were inconclusive, but hilarious. 

Watching a couple dressed in nude bodysuits struggle to get into some of the freakiest positions I've seen outside of the Kama Sutra proved one thing: sex shouldn't be taken seriously. I mean, yes, be safe and considerate and all of that, but try to have fun. Try new things, and be as weird as you want to be. Yes, you're going to stumble, and yes there are going to be weird sounds, and he's going to have a full view of certain parts of your bod as you change positions. But that's what you signed up for, so just laugh it off and enjoy the ride. And if you're still feeling a little uncomfortable, just be grateful that you don't have an entire park's worth of people watching as you try to get into the "Wanton Wheelbarrow" position. Eek!

Also, don't take sex tips too seriously. You're not a prude if you're not willing to kill yourself to get into the "Lusty Leg Lift" position. In fact, I'd advise against it, unless you want to pull a hammy. Just do whatever works for you and your partner.

For instance, I'd never try the the seemingly easy "Passion Pretzel" because my boyfriend is 6' tall and I'm 5'3, meaning he'd basically be humping my rib cage. That's just not my thing. Sorry, not sorry. However, the "Yes, Yes, Yes" position is totally a fave of mine, and yet Cosmo deemed it to be a dud. The same goes for the "Arc de Triomph." Man, Cosmo nixed it and I just about lost my mind! That position has proven to be a winner for me, but I guess it's not for everyone. To each their own. 

And that's the point. If we've learned anything from Cosmo's sexperiement is: do you when doing your man. Nothing else matters outside of that.  

Watch Real People Try Cosmo Sex Positions (Part 1) here: 

Image via Cosmopolitan/YouTube

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