8 Gross things about sex we don't talk about

Sex is one of the greatest things on this planet. It is up there with chocolate and ice cream, but unlike all of the passionate on-screen depictions of sex, it can also have its non-sexy moments. Here are eight really gross and nasty things about sex that no one likes to talk about ...


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Vaginal dryness: There is nothing sexy about feeling as dry as a raisin down there. This symptom is especially common after giving birth. Thank goodness for sexual lubricant!

Talking dirty: Contrary to all of those porn videos out there, dirty talk is not sexy--not one bit. Instead it is the cause of major awkwardness during sex and gives you more reason to fake an orgasm. Sorry fellas.

The bush: No matter if you wax, trim, color it or leave it in its natural glory, pubic hair isn't sexy. It is there to protect our private parts, but that's as far as its appeal goes.

Queefs: The scientific term is vaginal flatulence, which is an explosion of air from the vagina. Y'all know what I am talking about and there is absolutely nothing sexy about it.

Leakiness: Milk is a bodily fluid that is just not welcomed during sex. Having intercourse after pregnancy can be a daunting task--especially when you have convinced yourself that there will be no more buns in the oven!

Tender breasts: Sore and sensitive breasts are the worst! No one feels sexy with these--especially when they are touched. Thankfully your breasts do get less sensitive over time when you have been breastfeeding.

The wet spot on the bed: You know how this one comes up and we are not talking about peeing the bed. Oral sex can be the cause of this one, and nope, the spot is not as sexy as the act itself.

Bathroom break: Nothing pops the sexy bubble like being done with sex and running to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Watching him dispose of his condom or doing the clean up after the act? Sexy has no part in any of that.

Passing out: Telenovelas may have passionate post-sex scenes, but in real life people just pass out after sex. Sexy? Not if you count the snoring and soon-to-be morning breath. 

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