8 online dating blunders you should avoid

dating blundersMaking a love connection is hard. Trying to make one with someone you met online is even harder. But that hasn't stopped millions of people from trying and succeeding.

So if you're still struggling to make a love connection online or if you find that you seem to only attract creeps, take heart in the knowledge that all hope is not lost. And while you're at it, also take a long, hard look at what you're putting out into the online universe. It could be that you're making these really common (and totally fixable) online dating mistakes.


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  1. Generic profile. Is it just me, or is everyone looking for love online a fun, adventurous, and romantic athlete? To stand out from the crowd, share unique anecdotes that capture your unique style and sass, rather than vague adjectives that showcase how little thought you put into your profile.
  2. Bad profile pics. Over-filtered profile pics are, in essence, false advertisement. Too sexy profile pics take attention away from your awesome personality. "Meh" pics give the sense that you didn't even try. Group pics are confusing. And finally, duck-face pics should be illegal. An ideal profile pic is one that features you looking the way you would if your potential suitor came across you in a random coffee shop. You'd look beautiful, of course, but you'd also look natural and approachable.
  3. Say things are "complicated". Potential suitors will see your "complicated" relationship status as a red flag--and rightfully so. People in "complicated" relationship usually have a lot of past (and present) relationship drama. Nobody wants to put up with that.
  4. Cyber stalking. Do not stalk potential matches. Give them up to 48 hours to respond to emails, half a day to respond to texts, and up to a day to respond to phone calls. Also, refrain from following them on Twitter of friending them on Facebook until after you've officially made contact via whatever dating site you're using.
  5. Send a racy pic. At least not one with your face in it. Have you learned nothing from this whole celebrity nude photo scandal? If you're going to send a sexy pic to a potential suitor, make sure your face isn't in it. The same goes for pics that show any of your distinguishing features, like a unique tattoo.
  6. Share TMI. If this person is "the one," you'll have the rest of your life to tell them your deepest, darkest secrets. So for the love of Pete, stop telling him about that one time you peed yourself waiting in line for Menudo concert tickets.
  7. Share too much personal info (PMI). Do NOT give anyone you met online your home address. If they're asking for your address because they want to send you a gift or flowers, ask them to send it to a friend's work address or a PO Box. If they're asking because they'd like to take you out, simply offer to meet them in a public space. For all intents and purposes, this person is a stranger until you actually meet them face-to-face. Protect yourself.
  8. Getting desperate. Dating shouldn't be a chore. Have fun and don't get discouraged if you don't meet "Mr. Right" right away. Like dating IRL, online dating has its ups and its downs. Just stay positive and maintain your standards.

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