5 libido boosters any woman can use

LibidoThere seems to be a widespread low sex drive epidemic! And it mainly seems to affect women. We live in an overly sexual culture where articles, books and movies feature the femme fatale ready to take on a man any time of the day or night. In real life, we are tired or not in the mood, and we end up having very little sex. Our relationship suffers and we feel bad about it. What to do to increase our sexual appetite? Keep on reading because the tips are really simple!


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To boost your libido, there's no need to resort to extreme measures like taking meds. You can increase your desire and performance in bed using a few simple tips. I'm you sure you know all of them so it's time you put them into practice.

1. The more you do it… Yes, this is true when it comes to sex because our body releases estrogen every time we get stimulated. Women who have very little sex have lower levels of this hormone. That's why women going through menopause experience low libido because their estrogen levels are taking a nosedive.

2. Shake things up! Most women lose their sexual drive because they are bored in bed. For them, sex is a thing they do to get their husbands or boyfriends off their backs and it's a mechanical thing. If this is you, it's time to change your attitude because by skipping out on sex, your vagina is literally drying up. Talk to your partner, ask him to be more involved in bed and demand that he gives you pleasure.

3. Birthday suit: You should sleep naked. Sexual pleasure starts with the touch and when you are completely naked it's easier to get excited. Believe me; just an accidental touch of the blanket or the pillow will get your sexual juices flowing.

4. Get a massage: From your partner and in bed. If you want to increase your sexual drive a sexy massage is all you need to kickstart foreplay. If you work all day and you are ready to fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow, a massage will rev you up and get you started. Throw a vibrator in the mix.

5. Lubricate: Our vaginas have a life of their own and change with every menstrual cycle. Some months we are drier than others, but a slightly dried clitoris is enough to kill your libido. Invest in a lubricant safe to use every day to moisten your vagina. You'll feel way more pleasure and give your libido a well-deserved boost!

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