18 Lies men tell when they want you in their bed!

la camaRomeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou romeo ... Yes, you know that line, but some men also know theirs! He is quick, clever and very sneaky in the way he says things, but you know exactly what he wants ... and it's probably to get you into bed! It seems that he has an entire repertoire when it comes to bring you to his bed, but you got his number and you have your own list to prove it.


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The following are some of the lies he has said or will say to you at some point. Sometimes you know when they are coming, but you always act surprised. These are some of the lines I have heard from him and do tell yours so we can have a laugh together:

1. The classic one: "Take your clothes off, I only one to feel your naked body next to mine."

2. The innocent one: "It's just a nap, I promise you!"

3. "Let me walk you through your door because it's late and I don't want you to walk through the hallway alone."

4. The elegant one: "You are perfect. It will be such an honor to share the bed with you."

5. The fast one: "Can you come to shower? I need you to check something in my back."

6. The spontaneous one: "I never thought I would have asked you this, but do you want to sleep with me?"

7. "Don't worry; I never go to bed with someone I just met!"

8. The camping one: "Can you make some room in your tent for me? Mine doesn't work."

9. "Come upstairs, I want to show you that thing I mentioned earlier."

10. "Let's watch a movie at your place, my TV is broken."

11. "Wait, not so fast, give me a tour of your place before we'll leave."

12. "It's cold, come to bed, I'll warm you up!"

13. "Let's take advantage that the baby fell asleep. I just want to talk!"

14. "You don't have to do anything; I just want to please you."

15. "It's your fault because you are irresistible!"

16. "Show me the underwear you are wearing today, I just want to see it."

17. "I think you need a massage, come to bed, you'll be more comfortable here!"

18. "Is it me, or it's getting very hot in here?"

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