6 Steamy sex moves that will make him go crazy!

We all have our go-to sex moves that seem to satisfy our partners, but that doesn't mean we can't switch things up between the sheets. Besides, bedroom routines were made to be broken. We have researched the top steamy sex moves that you can actually try at home…or wherever your heart desires.


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1. Let him watch you: Men are visual creatures and enjoy admiring us–especially in a sexy outfit. Next time you are ready to do the deed, try leaning your back against the headboard with your legs open and knees bent. Place your two fingers against your clitoris and let him watch you in action.

2. Ask for his help: You may be the one leading the pleasure, but that doesn't mean he can't offer some assistance. "If it means making sex more intense for both of you, chances are, he'll want to lend a hand," Beverly Whipple, PhD, sex educator and professor at Rutgers University. She suggests to ask him to pitch your knees while he hits your G-spot.

3. Go all the way: Nothing will drive him crazy more than giving him oral sex. Try using your thumb and forefinger to form an okay sign and place it around your mouth. Make sure to massage the perineum and keep your tongue engaged while you continue to satisfy him until he ejaculates.

4. Take control: Let's face it--men love it when women are on top and we have plenty of reason to adore it too. We get to control the pace and pressure leading to climax. "Being on top offers more gratification than other sex styles because it lets you feel close to your partner and puts you in charge of your own pleasure," says Whipple. She suggests going off this momentum while thrusting down and back.

5. Switch things up: Stay in the heat of the moment and make the initiative to switch up positions. Too much changing may kill the mood, so make sure you go with the flow and intensify the movement as you go.    

6. Try warming it up: There is a reason why warming lubricants are so popular nowadays. The product helps increase sensation--especially in the most sensitive areas. Try rubbing it on the head of the penis before penetration.

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