Woman films pornos in church, parishioner recognizes her boobs

porn in churchAn Austrian woman has been caught with her pants down--or rather with her boobs out--when she admitted to filming a series of porn videos in a church. The funny thing is she was turned in by a tipster who recognized her breasts. Oh, the hypocrisy! In the video, the woman bears her breasts while using a Bible and rosary as props while she touches herself. Her face remains out of view, but the church was recognized by other parishioners who alerted the priest. I wonder if he saw the video himself, you know, for research purposes.


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porn in churchOnce the porn video was posted on a local television station (because justice knows no decency), a tipster told authorities that he recognized the woman based on her assets and the 24-year-old confessed to her naughty crime. Babsi, as she's known in her amateur videos, has been charged with desecrating a church. Be careful what you decide to upload onto the Internet. This woman probably thought she would never be discovered because she kept her face hidden, but failed to predict that someone might recognize every other bit of her exposed body. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the tipster alerted authorities--or better yet, when the church parishioners went to the priest with their discovery. Did they not worry about any repercussions bouncing back to them? And if they saw the video, had they not enjoyed it enough to want her to continue feeding them material for their spank bank?

Either way, I wonder how many Hail Marys she'll have to say for this one. They've decided not to reconsecrate the church, but I wouldn't be surprised if they splashed around some holy water to ward off any sex demons this Jezebel might have unleashed.

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