These 6 secrets of happily married couples will shock you

happy coupleWhat kind of a married couple are you? I don't want to scare you, but according to recent statistics, the number of couples seeking divorce has increased to three million this year and we are only in August. Shocking! There are so many simple things you can do to maintain the happiness in your marriage and we'll share them here. So, listen up because help is on its way! These are the secrets to a happy marriage (well, not so secret!)


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1. Hear each other out: Pay attention to what your partner has to say. I know, sometimes it feels like only one person is doing all the talking. Ignore that feeling and speak up! It's extremely important that you and your partner feel heard.

2. Have sex: This is a big one! Lots of married couples stop having sex or have it very rarely. When they do have is usually in the same position which can be boring. Happy couples maintain the flame alive and exciting. It doesn't have to be fireworks all the time, but it can be spontaneous and interesting.

3. Cuddle: Happy couples take time to snuggle in bed before they get up in the mornings. It's very important, especially when you have kids. We all know that the moment we are out of bed is run, run, run. From that moment on we rarely stop and those few extra minutes for "US" can make a huge difference in a couple's life.

4. Respect each other: The key to a happy marriage is mutual respect. It's everything! The way you talk to your partner, how you acknowledge his presence, how you refer about him to others and your kids. Happy couples don't put each other down and they don't talk bad about each other to their kids.

5. Stop competing: In a happy marriage there are no winners or losers. They celebrate each other's goals and achievement and cry together over their hardships. They are a team made of two excellent team players. They both show up to the table without an agenda and are always ready to stand up together and for each other.

6. Have fun together: Like in business, the best partnerships are made among friends. Like friends a happy couple is able to have fun with each other. They share the same interests, hobbies and participate in activities together. As if they were dating! Don't stop having fun because you are married on the contrary; increase the level of fun because you are together.

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