3 Simple ways to get rid of his penis odor

smellsCountless products are available for the health and well being of our vagina. Anything from powders, lotions and products to keep it refreshed and well scented. We know exactly what to do when our lady is not feeling up to the party. But what about men? I'm sure you have  wondered about that if you've ever experienced something smelly under your man's pants. Like us, they need to take care of the bacteria growing in the groin area. Read these tips so you can take care of the problem without saying a word. At the end of the day, the two of you will be happier because you will enjoy oral sex even more.


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1. Keep it clean! It's time to tell your guy that his quick showers are not doing the trick. You have to say something if the smell is making you gag every time you go down on him. Men need to shower often and shower well because, like us, they have bacteria growing in the crevices of the penis. If you see him in his workout clothes you can invite him to take a shower with you. You can even wash his member to spice things up and actually teach him how to do it. Don't go for the sweet scented bubble bath stuff, grab the antibacterial bar first to start solving the problem.

2. Makeover. You know how sometimes he asks you to shave down there so he can have easier access? Ding, ding, ding… Get a pair of scissors and give him a trim! Pubic hair retains water and that's perfectly moist environment is what breeds bacteria. If your man showers and dresses quickly without drying himself, then grab a towel and get to work. He might even thank you afterwards because of the increased size of his penis. There is no need to nag or teach him proper shower habits, he'll take the hint and make the changes on his own. 

3. Dress it up! The good news about his smelly problem is that it can be fixed at home. In other words, there is no need to see a doctor or take antibiotics. Most of the time the problem has to do with the fabric of his underwear. Cotton is the king of all fabrics because is cool and breathable. If your guy wears some fancy underwear made of acrylic or latex it's time to go shopping! Buy him cotton boxer shorts and he will feel the difference. Trust me, he'll never go back!

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