5 Tips for giving the best oral sex of his life

Pleasing your partner in new creative ways is always sure to keep things spicy in the bedroom. While sticking to a routine may satisfy some, it is never a bad thing to have new tricks up your sleeve. Crank up the satisfaction meter in your bedroom with these tips for giving and getting mind-blowing oral sex


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1. Try moving to the edge of the bed. Sometimes it is not a matter of what you do, but how you do it. Remix the classic center of the bed on your back position by moving to the end of the bed, with your legs bent while he kneels on the floor and faces you--or vice versa depending on who is giving the oral sex. You can wrap your legs around his back and let him take care of the rest. The position will intensify the sensation and allow him to get a better look at your lady parts!

2. Take a seat and relax. Have your lover sit in a chair and spread their legs. As you kiss and give soft strokes, let your partner caress your head and lead the way. This will allow them to control the pace and let you know exactly how they want it without having to kill the mood.

3. About face! Try having your partner stand while you kneel directly in front of them. Have them place one of their legs over your shoulder and support them in keeping their balance. This standing position is perfect for the shower or a quickie in a public location--because why not?

4. Side-by-side 69. Forget the traditional way to do 69 and try rolling over so that your bodies are side by side. The position allows you to do a spooning movement together without having to worry about balancing yourself, which leaves for more attention on your partner.

5. It is all about the rear. Let your partner admire his favorite body part by getting on all fours and letting him lick from behind. Your private area will be totally exposed, which will definitely get his senses going.


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