SEE: Vagina underwear leaves nothing to the imagination

vagina pants pantiesEleanor Beth Haswell is an 18-year-old British artist who created a bra and panty set that is quite frankly freaking everyone out and being referred to as "vagina pants." Why? Well, let's just say they leave very little to the imagination. In fact, they leave nothing to the imagination and by that I don't mean that  they are sheer and you can see everything underneath them. No, not at all. The underwear and bra are actually rather demure and cover more than most. What makes them so revealing is that they are a nude color and have an anatomically correct diagram of your lady bits with annotations and all.

Well, the sight of them has made many cringe and ironically want to retreat back into their mother's womb. Still, why take other people's word for it. Are you ready to see?


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vagina pants Eleanor Beth HaswellNow, you should know that there is a reason behind the design of these chonies. Haswell created these undergarments as part of an art project called Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy? It's meant to be a commentary on how women can be so afraid and uninformed about their own bodies.

I find it amusing that so many people are freaking out over the bra and panty set because it's not like Haswell created them to be mass produced and sold at Victoria's Secret, although I wouldn't be surprised if Urban Outfitters comes knocking on her door or just produces a knock-off version to sell to hipsters.

I'm impressed that an 18-year-old wanted to start a conversation about women and their bodies and she was able to do it so effectively with basic underwear and basic diagrams. Why are women (myself included) so ignorant about their bodies?

If this is what she's creating at 18, I can't wait to see how she develops as an artist.

Of course, now I would really like to see someone come up with the male version of this diagrammatically correct underwear. I'm sure there would be a vas deferens. Do you see what I just did there? I made an anatomical pun!!!

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