4 Ways sex is so much better after having a baby ​

Sex after having a babyMami, let's talk about sex after baby. I think a lot of emphasis is put on how having sex after giving birth, especially vaginally, might not be as good as before you had a baby. Well, I for one want to talk about how sex after having a baby can be so much better. Yes, I said BETTER!

Look, I know what I'm talking about because I liked sex before I had two kids and now I like it even more in some ways.


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Here are four ways that sex gets so much better after you have a baby:

1. Sex reminds you that you are a woman. Yes, you are a mother and that keeps you very busy, but the woman in you needs to get busy, if you catch my drift.

2. It can feel better than before you had a baby. Sounds weird, but if you were doing kegels (the whole tightening and releasing of your pelvic muscles) while pregnant and continue to do them after pregnancy, you have been giving your lady parts quite a work out that can really make sex better by not only tightening your vagina, but often leading to more frequent orgasms.

3. It can be a real confidence booster. Yes you are tired, yes you are wearing stained clothes, no you can't remember when you last took a shower, but there is still someone who finds you so attractive that they want to do the nasty with you, that is how HOT you are.

4. It is a great way to stay connected with your partner. Talking and holding hands is great, but once you have kids actually making the time to have sex with each other is so important because it is sexy, hot and makes you feel like you are bonding with your significant other. I don't care how much talking you do with your partner, nothing, but nothing can replace what happens between the two of you when you get it on. So, cue the Marvin Gaye music.

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