7 Things you should NEVER do when going downtown

Blow Job Don'tsThe internet is full of sexperts giving you any number of tips on how to perfect your oral sex routine. Do a little online search and you will find advice galore on how to give mind-blowing fellatio. Great, I'm all for it and I'm sure the man in your life is too, but what about what not to do? Because trust me, there are definitely things you should NOT do while going downtown on your fella.

That's what I'm here for. I'm here to tell you exactly what NOT to do when giving your guy a blow job. Think of this as your blow jobs don'ts guide. You're welcome!


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Here are seven things you should absolutely not do when giving a blow job:

1. Don't be shy. Just don't. I don't mean to be crude, but once you are at the point of putting his family jewels in your mouth, you should probably be pretty comfortable with the guy, right? RIGHT?!?!

2. Do not bite. I'm pretty sure no man wants to feel your teeth clampin' down on his johnson.

3. Do not throw up. Yes, be adventurous and see how far you can go, but mind your gag factor because throwing up is a real mood killer.

4. Do not look at the time. Don't go looking at your watch or a clock in the room. It's not nice to make your man feel rushed.

5. Don't ask him what's wrong if he doesn't orgasm in three minutes. Can you orgasm in three minutes? If you can, good for you, but don't expect everyone else to be able to.

6. Do not make him feel insecure. Let's say you are relieved that his equiptment is a managable size for your mouth, do not under any circumstances say something like, "Wow, it's so much easier to go down on you than with my last boyfriend. He was so big, it made my jaw ache right away."

7. Don't make fuchi faces. Be aware of your expressions. Don't look all grossed out, like you are licking the bottom of the toilet seat. That's not going to make him feel desired.

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