birth controlIt was only a matter of time before technology and birth control merged. Apparently in the distant future, we will be able to maneuver birth control with a remote control. Yup, the Foundation Family Planning program MicroChips is developing a form of birth control that will deliver a synthetic hormone called levonorgestrel by the push of a button.

Hmm, interesting, but is this the best way to take birth control?


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Clinical testing is already underway for the wireless device that is said to work for up to 16 years. Funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it is considered the longest lasting form of birth control on the market. It was created to make contraception easier for both men and women, but it won't be on the market for at least another four years.

The chip would be implanted in a woman's buttocks, upper arm or torso and would be monitored with a remote control that allows her to turn it on and off. Besides that, she won't need to refill and can stop birth control when she pleases without needing to make a doctor's visit.

One of the concerns creators have with the birth control device is that they fear that it could be subject to hacking. This can put the woman's life at risk if it got into the hands of the wrong people. Therefore manufacturers want to encrypt and up the security on the device before selling it to the public. 

I'm not entirely convinced that this is the best method to get your birth control, but if it works for some people, good for them! Personally, I know I'd constantly be paranoid that someone would hack my birth control and who knows what evil things they would do. Hopefully it will be more advanced and improved before it hits the market, because the last we want is many unwanted pregnancies!

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