Groom dumps bride on wedding night after seeing naked pictures of her

Don't ever tell your ex the location of your wedding. A Kuwaiti woman's dreams of marriage and family were shattered when her ex boyfriend showed up at her wedding with a memory stick stuck in a bouquet of flowers. 

A note attached to the bouquet told the groom that he had better check out what's on the stick. I'm sure you can figure out what happens next. The new groom plugged the device into a computer and found a picture of the woman he had just wed in a compromising position. And they hadn't yet done the deed themselves.


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Poor guy. He immediately called for a divorce. You might think that his actions are a bit extreme. Did he really think he was the one and only man she'd ever been with? Apparently so. The bride tried to convince her husband that it was all in the past, but it didn't work.

Neither did her pleas to get her ex to zip it. He tried to blackmail her days before the wedding, but the thought of the pictures getting out didn't stop her from walking down the aisle--or make her want to get back with her ex for that matter.

There's no happy ending to this story. The groom is likely embarrassed and sad. The ex, who went to elaborate measures to get his lady back, may have gotten his revenge, but he's still without his girlfriend. And the bride is left with no husband and a really embarrassing story about her wedding day that was all over the news in Kuwait. The Saudi Muslim cleric who shared the story didn't tell news outlets where the events occurred or where the couple was from.

But at least they had just been married. Last year a Saudi man divorced his wife after three months of being married after finding a lone cigarette in her bag.

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