5 Fool-proof signs that he's LYING

Why are some men such liars? Sometimes I wonder if it's something inherent in masculine nature. I have a confession to make, I recently did something I had never done before. Do not ask me why, but snooped on the text messages of guy who is supposed to be "wooing" me, and guess what: I found the same clichéd text messages he sent me, with the same invitations to the same restaurants even sent to two other women! At the same time even!

How is it even possible that he thought he'd get away with that? Funny thing is, that's not the worst of it...


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The most amazing thing about this story is that this guy was always complaining about how I never called him, or took too long to respond, or kept disappearing and so forth. The truth is, I really wasn't that interested in him. After I found the texts, I pretended like nothing happened thanked God for letting me see everything so clearly once I got home.

Then, I called my best friend laughing my head off and told her what had happened.
I just couldn't help but thinking about what it is that makes men lie, until today I found this study that explains that by nature--men lie more than women.

That is, while our average of lies is two a day, men lie three times daily. In addition, the same study found that men have coined a number of phrases they used with pinpoint accuracy when fooling us women.

When he says: "You look spectacular in that dress", he might be telling the truth, but really he does not know anything about fashion or style, and also, the last thing he wants is for you to feel uncomfortable and create drama.

If he says: "Do not worry my love, we'll talk later", rest assured that he is lying to you and that he is never again going to bring up the topic at hand.

When he says: "Hey, sexy" or "What's up, beautiful" instead of calling you by your name, he may just be trying to avoid naming the wrong person. Harsh, but true.

If he says: "My cell phone ran out of battery" I ask you, how is this possible when he has a battery charger in his car, at the office, on his bedroom's nightstand etc? You have permission to be MAD if he tells you this, cause he's probably lying.

If you says: "She's just a friend!" Find out if he has ever had an affair before. Keep in mind that he will deny it, so you're responsible for knowing what you're getting in to! Remember the guy code: "Deny, deny, deny!" and most importantly, that once a guy has cheated, he's shown his real character.

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